The Wallshot is printed on our Eco-Decal material. It is a movable fabric sticker that is gentle on walls. It has earth friendly prowess that exceeds our expectations, which has made it our flagship product for over 6 years. The Eco-Decal material is non-toxic, made with no heavy metals and has passed the European REACH test for sustainability.


Install is easy. Just peel and stick it on your wall. Want to move it to another room?  No problem.  Gently remove and re-stick!  Being fabric based, the air bubbles easily smooth out by hand. You can play professional installer for a day! Kids rooms, home decor, rental units, work spaces, are all popular places for a Wallshotz.


Decal sizes: 12" x 18", 24" x 36", 35" x 52.5"


A patented adhesive allows the decal to be repositioned many times over, without damage to walls. We highly recommend cleaning the wall area prior to install to remove dust and debris. Installing Wallshotz on dirty walls will shorten the life of the adhesive, and the decal will have difficulty re-sticking to a new surface.

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