Inspiring Imaginations with Floor Graphics

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Floor graphics are a creative and fun way to display your messaging and branding. Useful for unique store graphics, way-finding and event promos, they help reinforce your message. The standard floor graphics are a short-term removable product, with a textured anti-slip laminate for safety. Their removable adhesive makes them easy to apply and change out.

The Glover School called on us to help produce their interior decor for a few hallways in their school. The teachers and parents had teamed up and developed a few fun ideas. They decided on decorating the hallways of the school with cut floor graphics to captivate their student's interest. They were looking for elements inspired by nature such as frogs, duck feet, puddles, logs, flowers etc. Their graphic artist created some great designs that fit the bill and off to print we went!

The challenge was that the school was looking to have the graphics last as long as possible; ideally a few years. Most floor graphic material is for short-term promotional events. We chose a high quality, longer term floor graphic material and laminate. This material allows a floor wax to be applied over the laminate, so the graphic is just like a part of the floor.

For the install, the hallways were stripped of any wax and residue. The graphics were installed on the bare floor and then waxed over, so the school could continue to clean the floors just as they had been doing.

The result is a fun and visually stimulating place for the kids to learn. The staff is very excited to share the results with all the students when school opens in a few weeks.

Client Testimonial:

"We had a large sensory path / floor decal project for an elementary school. Danis and her team were outstanding every step of the way from start to finish.
They made invaluable recommendations on the right material to use for durability and color sharpness.
The sensory path has been a huge hit and our client couldn’t be happier."
Charlie Yeaton, Creative Director

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